Connectivity. Sustainability. Innovation.

STG Capital Partners is a real estate investment company focused on mixed-use residential, industrial, retail, and hospitality developments in urban infill locations within dynamic markets across California.

We target projects with the potential to enhance neighborhoods, increase connectivity, and showcase sustainability and innovation.  We value an inclusive and entrepreneurial culture that blends passion, vision and creativity with steadfast investment discipline and underwriting to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors and partners.


STG invests in the urban and dense suburban areas of select California markets with favorable long-term supply and demand characteristics. We seek to develop properties that produce the highest risk-adjusted total returns that historically are located in markets with these key fundamentals.



As part of our entrepreneurial culture, we value joint venture partnership opportunities with property owners, developers, builders, financiers, and other industry professionals. We can tailor our resources to provide the best solution to unlock projects and help our partners maximize the investment potential of their assets.


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