Connectivity. Sustainability. Innovation.

STG Capital Partners is an opportunistic real estate investment and development company focused on multifamily, industrial, and land development across California.

We pursue opportunities with the potential to develop sustainable and innovative projects that enhance neighborhoods and employment centers. We focus on markets with strong long-term fundamentals driven by a supply/demand imbalance with high barriers to new development. This philosophy helps us discover compelling opportunities in overlooked and under-served secondary markets. Our in-house construction experience and capability enables us to work with our consulting teams to value engineer plans and better control costs and timelines that ultimately lower risk and support project execution. We value an inclusive and entrepreneurial culture that blends passion, vision and creativity with steadfast investment discipline and underwriting to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors and partners.


At STG, we understand the importance of inefficient markets, the benefits of specialization, and how bottom-up analysis leads to superior risk control and dependable performance across strategies, portfolios and economic cycles.


As part of our entrepreneurial culture, we value joint venture partnership opportunities with property owners, developers, builders, financiers, and other industry professionals. We can tailor our resources to provide the best solution to unlock projects and help our partners maximize the investment potential of their assets.

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